Everything we do is about creating beautiful moments. Experiences that last a lifetime. It takes careful, precise and inspirational management, always leading by example. When it’s done as well as this, every Jaguar Land Rover customer will receive a relationship that they’ll treasure as much as our products.

From the very first hello, our customers expect a service that emulates the quality, prestige and luxury of our vehicles. We can only achieve this when everyone knows their role, what’s expected of them, and has the support to constantly improve. Which is why every single one of our retail managers, from service, sales and parts through to aftersales and heads of business, reflect this commitment.

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"There’s no better place to work. Driving to work every morning puts a smile on my face. I know that I work with the best product and progression opportunities; it’s an iconic brand"

Paul - After Sales


No matter how busy our retailers get, it’s vital that everyone who walks through our doors gets the same luxurious, personal and beautiful experience. As a specialist supervisor, you’ll be responsible for making sure it happens. You could be a business manager, working with your team and customers to achieve finance and insurance targets along with regulatory compliance. You could be a warranty manager, ensuring the complete recovery of warranty payments from the manufacturer. Or you could be a workshop controller, taking charge of the workshop’s quality, cost and customer service. Whatever role suits you best, you’ll get the training and support to thrive, and have a beautiful career to call your own.   



Being a manager at Jaguar Land Rover Retail is all about ensuring customers receive a luxurious customer service. Always. Depending on your position, you might work with customers on a daily basis, or take more of a background role. With Aftersales, Parts, Service and Sales all needing management, there are a wealth of areas you can join. In fact, you could also become the Head of Business, leading the retailer’s management team to deliver a profitable return on our investment. Whatever role you’re in, you’ll constantly push the Customer First Behaviours, inspiring everyone in your team, retailer, and the network to provide the industry’s most beautiful experience.  

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